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About Us

Equine Industry Development LLC is the conduit for investments and operations in the Standardbred industry. EID organizes and manages purchases of breeding and racing, as well as, organizing deals for racing, breeding, and complimentary operations. In its initial project, EID is involved with developing the Standardbred Industry in Nevada.

What are we building?

• Racinos

• Training Centers

• Family Entertainment

• Lodging/RV

• Race Tracks

• Breeding Centers

• Community Centers

• Other Real Estate

Initial Target Locations

Las Vegas is a the largest targeted pari-mutuel racing opportunity for the State of Nevada, less than 2 hours from Laughlin.

Laughlin is located in the southernmost tip of Nevada, along the Colorado River, where Nevada, California, and Arizona meet. Training from October through April is quite comfortable.

Reno is expected to be a complimentary site to the Cal Expo track in California, approximately 2.5 hours away. Land acquisition discussions are under way and finalization is dependent on many factors.

Pahrump is the largest town in Nye county which lies near the Nevada-California border and is approximately 1.25 hours from Las Vegas. Pahrump has about 400 acres for development.

Why Race/Train in Nevada?

• Purse funds to be derived from larger casino gaming consumer spend.

• According to the American Gaming Association in 2017, Nevada comprised approximately 30% of the 40.3 billion dollars
in casino gaming consumer spend.


• Land and resources available for horse racing is abundant and economical.


• Nevada weather is more conducive to racing in cold weather months.


• Nevada has no personal income tax.


• According to the US census bureau, Nevada is the fasting growing state. New York, with 8 standardbred and 4 thoroughbred tracks is losing population at a high rate.

Why Nevada?


According to, Nevada cities during winter months are more conducive to racing due to their moderate temperature with low humidity. During spring/summer months, Reno's low humidity paired with moderate temperatures and higher altitude makes Reno just as nice a place to race as east coast areas.


Nevada is an underserved market for horse racing with a population over 3 million and is the fastest growing state with over 50 million people visiting a year. Nevada is 1 of 7 states with no income tax. According to's 2019 State Business Rankings and's Nevada State Tax Index Rankings, Nevada ranks as follows:


Income Tax


Business Friendliness


Cost of Doing Business






Property Tax

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